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Master Programme of Environmental Engineering and Climate (MAPEC)

MAPEC is a project involving Jordanian and Syrian universities and European universities and companies. The main objective of MAPEC is to assist Jordanian and Syrian universities in improving capacities on environment (e.g. water management, wastewater treatment, efficient use of energy) and climate change issues, in order to provide a high quality education for Jordanian and Syrian students. This program has been designed with the collaboration of the European partners involved in the project.

The specific objectives of MAPEC are:

-  To establish and credit a Master Course following the Bologna requirements.

- To train professionals so that they can evaluate local situations and provide economic and environmentally friendly engineering solutions to environmental and climatic change issues.

-   To join companies, universities and public administrations.

-  To share knowledge in environmental technologies and climate change issues and to promote the increase of the use of these technologies in organisations

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