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Family Medicine Diploma Program - FMDP

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What is This Project?
A project aimed at strengthening the Jordanian health sector through academic support and is implemented in Jordan as a partner country.
There are 6 Jordanian and European partner-members from 4 countries, working together to implement the project activities:
Project lifetime: 2021-2024
Donor/Funder: “Co-funded” by Erasmus Plus Programme from the European Union (EU).
Partners: Research Medical Centers and Universities:
1. The University of Jordan: represented by the School of Medicine-Department of Family & Community Medicine, led by Dr. Lana Halaseh.
2. Jordan University of Science and Technology
3. KU Leuven (Academic Centre of General Practice)/ Belgium
4. Radboud University Medical Center/ Netherlands
5. Queen Mary University of London/The United Kingdom.
Project Grant Holder: Hashemite University  
Coordinator: Dr. Amjad Al Shadaifat
About the project:
A one-year training program that will provide a firm foundation for trainees, with the guidance of well-trained and experienced primary care physicians. The graduates are expected to become leaders and trainers in their own future clinics, of which many will be in remote areas with difficult access to higher levels of care. 
This project is synergistic with other EU initiatives in Jordan and the entire region; many projects are currently focused on a similar idea of improving the level of training in higher education
This project fits in with the interests of the EU partners by providing a platform from which they can develop their own teaching skills, effectively expanding their ability to affect change in the health sector outside of their own region. 

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