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Arabic Language and the Nation's Identity
15 October, 2012

Due to the role played by the Arabic language in preserving the nation's identity and its culture; the Arabic Language and Literature Department at the University of Jordan, which is considered as the primary division in the university, will mark the golden anniversary of UJ through holding an international conference regarding the Arabic language and the nation's identity. Arabic language intellectuals will participate in this conference that is supervised by the Arabic Language and Literature Department at the University of Jordan.
This language, which dates back to six centuries, is the oldest language in the world, the language of the Holy Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the symbol of identity and Islamic heritage, the bridge of communication, creativity and innovation.

This division has witnessed the graduation of many qualified and professional students in the Arabic language who participate in improving our beloved Jordan and other countries around the world.
A controversial discussion is being made concerning the condition of the nation with its crises and challenges, and most significantly the cultural and national identity as well as language. Therefore, it is very important to address these challenges, that impact negatively on the Arabic language and its enlightened role, through many international scientific conferences in which these challenges will be discussed.
The Conference Objectives:
• Discussing the challenges opposing the Arabic language.
• Determining the associated relationship between language and identity.
• Discussing strategies to strengthen and nurture Arabic language in Arab societies.
• Exchanging experiences advancing the field of the Arabic language.
• Benefiting from modern culture methods to enhance the Arabic language.
• The relationship between the Arabic language and modern media.
• Fighting the habit of mixing two languages- bilingualism.
• Discussing the relationship linking the Arabic language with culture and education.
• Reinforce the relationship between Arabic departments in Arab and international universities.
The conference axes:
* Language and identity: concepts, components and challenges

- The perception of language and identity as well as disputes resulting from these perceptions.
- Language, identity and globalization.
- Arabic language and the cultural identity.
- Difficulties of the Arabic language in the era of globalization, and methods of confronting them.
 - The importance of language in communication and exchange amongst civilizations.
- The risk of a linguistic gap as a result of the globalization era.
- The effect of media and communication networks on the Arabic language.
- The display of Arab crisis in modern media.
* The role of language in intellectual formation and composition:

-The conversion of higher education into Arabic between rejection and acceptance.
- Arabic language and intellectual rearing.
- Arabic language and development.
- Arabic Language, identity, and expression of interaction.
 - Language and identity from educational / philosophical / social and informational perspectives.
 - Arabic language in the contemporary literary.
Preparatory Committee:

Dr. Mohammad Qudah (The Head of Arabic Language and Literature Department / The
 Chairman of the Preparatory Committee)
Prof. Ibrahim Alsafien.
Prof. Nihad Al-Musa
Prof. Shukri AL Madi
Prof. Abdul Jalil Abdul-Mahdi
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hadid
Dr. Ibrahim M. Khalil
Dr. Fawz Suheal Nazzal
Dr. Imtenan O. Smadi
Dr. Amenah Al-Badawi
Dr. Lina Awad
Dr. Balqees Al-karaki