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Prof. Amira Masri

Prof. Amira Masri received her degree in Medicine and General surgery (MBBS) from the University of Jordan (UJ) in 1993, and higher specialization in pediatrics from UJ in 1998. She also received her subspecialty diploma in child neurology from Montpellier University, France, in 2000. 
Prof. Masri started her academic career at UJ’s Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Department, in 2001, where she was devoted to her students and patients. She participated in many committees including the quality control and the IRB committee and currently she is leader of the ethical committee at Jordan university hospital as well as the leader of the research committee at the faculty of medicine. In addition, she   held different administrative positions, including Director of the Department of pediatrics at UJ and Jordan university hospital from 2007-2014.
Prof. Masri helped promoting child neurology health in Jordan by teaching child neurology to medical students in other universities. She has been appointed as a part-time staff at Mutah University (2005-2007) and the Hashemite University (2008 till present). She also serves as a volunteer in Al Hussein Society for handicapped children in evaluation and care of patients with special needs.
In education and training, Masri participated as a member of the Jordanian Board of Pediatrics. In addition, she is currently a member of the Arab Board of Pediatrics, and holds the position of the vice chair of the committee on training of pediatrics for the Arab board.
Amira participated in several workshops, and led and conducted workshops for the academic staff members at UJ to enhance their scientific proposal writing. Currently she is a member of the Jordanian Scientific Research Fund.
In her research, Prof. Masri focused on diseases affecting the child's nervous system aiming at improving the understanding, diagnosis and prevention of these diseases not only in Jordan but also in the whole world. She collaborated with different eminent international scientific groups in discovery of new genes and description of new syndromes and diseases.
She has more than 50 publications focused on child neurology diseases. In addition, she is the author of a book directed to parents of epileptic children in the Arabic language.
In recognition of her research efforts to promote child neurology health, Masri received the Jordan Medical Association Award for Outstanding Physicians in 2012. This year she was awarded the Samia Mango Award for the distinguished women researcher in Jordan in the field of health.​