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Prof. Mohammad Shaheen

Professor Shaheen’s academic life began as a university lecturer in 1967 at the University of Jordan. Two years later, he was granted a fellowship to pursue his PhD in English Literature at the University of Cambridge (King's). In 1973, he returned to work at the University of Jordan’s English Department after obtaining his degree. Professor Shaheen has held several different administrative and academic positions at the University of Jordan. From 1978 to 1980, Professor Shaheen became an assistant to the President and Director to the President’s Office and Administration. From 1988 to 1990 and from 1993 to 1995, Professor Shaheen was appointed Chairman of the English Department. At the same time, he was also chairman of the European Languages Department. He was also an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from the years 1985 to 1989, as well as a Deputy (on loan from the University of Jordan) to the President of Mutah University from 1998 to 2002.

Professor Shaheen has received several research and teaching fellowships from Arab, German, American, and British Universities. He is an associate fellow of St. Anthony's College of the University of Oxford since 1983.He has also contributed greatly to the fields of literary theory, translation and comparative literature. Professor Shaheen has translated multiple literary books for Arab and British authors, such as Mahmoud Darwish, Badr Shakeer Al-Seyab, Ghasan Kanafani, and the poets, Eliot and Pound.

 Professor Shaheen has written several books in both English and Arabic. His books and articles are published by world renowned publishers and journals such as Macmillan, Palgrave, St. Martin's Press, New York University Press, Barnes and Noble, University of Maine at Orono, Modern Humanities Research Association [London], New Dictionary of National Biography [Clarendon Press: Oxford], University of Illinois Press, University of Colorado Press [Boulder], and Brill. In addition, Professor Shaheen has also been an editor to several books translated by the Supreme Council of Culture in Cairo from English to Arabic.

 Professor Shaheen has received several awards from the region and from around the world such as The Order of Independence (Jordan) in 2002, and the State Recognition for Literary Studies and Translation presented by The Ministry of culture of Jordan in 2011. He also received an Order from the Qatari National Council for Culture, Arts, and Heritage in 2005. In 2007, he was awarded the Order of Shaik Zayed for Translation.

 In June of 2016, Professor Shaheen participated in organizing the Memorial Lecture that is presented at St Anthony’s College at Oxford University. The Memorial Lecture invites a prestigious intellectual figure to present a talk on a personality who has left a strong impression on the intellectual world after his or her passing. The honoree for the 2016 Memorial Lecture was George Antonius, the Palestinian historian and author of The Arab Awakening (1938), which was translated into Arabic by Naser Al-Deen Al-Asad and Ihsan Abbas in 1967. The book went through several different editions when it received great fame from Arab cultural circles after receiving world wide critical acclaim. St Anthony’s College Memorial Lecture (which also hosted Edward Said in the past) received Noam Chomsky who presented a lecture titled “The United States, the Middle East and Our Collective Fate.” Oxford University took the opportunity of Chomsky’s presence to inaugurate a chair for the Arabic language. Oxford University kindly requested that Noam Chomsky help in providing the necessary assistance in establishing that chair. Thus, the President of the Babtain Cultural Organization (an organization that Professor Shaheen has been a member of for almost twelve years) offered a generous amount to support the cause and help develop the project into a tangible reality.

 Furthermore, Professor Shaheen was honored to be part of the advisory commission for the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization’s journal. In November 2016, he was requested to arbitrate the Sultan Qaboos Award for Translation, which took place in Oman. Moreover, The Higher Council for Culture in Cairo invited Professor Shaheen to become a juror for the Najeeb Mahfooz Award for Poetry.

The following are some of the recent studies he has published:



 “The Poetics of Translation with Reference to Mahmoud Darwish.” Forthcoming in Al-Abhath, published by the American University of Beirut.

 “Teaching Pound in “A Station of the Metro” and “The Return”: A Case in Point.” Published in an online journal titled “Make it New 2016”— a journal with studies focused on the poet, Ezra Pound.

 “Mohammad Mandoor’s Place in Modern Criticism and Literary Theory.” Literary Affairs, which is issued by the Federation of UAE Writers. Quarterly Summer 2016.

 “Tawfiq Sayegh: A Talent Gone Way Too Soon” Nazwa. Oman, Fall 2016.

 “Edward Said:Language Imposes Itself on Us.” Al-Thaqafiyyah, the University of Jordan. Fall 2016. Number 90.


 Mohammad Mandoor in Literature and Criticism. Prepared and Edited by Professor Mohammad Shaheen. The Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing. Beirut, 2016.

 Professor Shaheen is currently teaching courses for M.A and PhD graduate students and is supervising several theses and dissertations. Professor Shaheen is Professor Emeritus at the University of Jordan.