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Prof. Mohammad Shaheen

Emeritus Professor of English Literature Dr. Mohammad Shaheen received his B.A. degree in English Literature from Ain Shams University, Egypt, in 1962, M.A. degree from the University of Colorado, USA, in 1964, and Ph.D. degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, England, in 1974.
Mohammad Shaheen started his career as a graduate assistant at the University of Jordan (UJ) in the late nineteen sixties, after which he was sent on a scholarship sponsored by the British Council to get his Ph.D. from Cambridge University.
In February 1974, Prof. Shaheen came back to resume his job at the English Department. He held several administrative and academic positions at UJ including assistant to the President of the University and head of the President's office, 1978 - 1980, Chairman of the English Department, 1988-1990 and1993-1995, and Chairman of European Languages Department. Shaheen also served as Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education, 1985-1989, and Vice President of Mutah University, 1998 – 2002, when he was on secondment from the University of Jordan.
Throughout his academic path, Shaheen went on many teaching and research fellowships at Arab, German, American and British universities. He is an associate fellow of St. Antony's College, Oxford, from 1983 till now. In June of this year he is honored as the guest of honor on the occasion of George Antonius's annual lecture to be given by Noam Chomsky.
Prof. Shaheen’s contributions in the fields of literary translation, criticism, and comparative studies are highly valuable. He has translated literary works of prominent Arabic and English authors, such as Mahmoud Darwish, BadrShakir al-Sayyab, GhassanKanafani, Thomas Stearns Eliot, Ezra Weston Loomis Pound, and George Meredith.
Shaheen is the author and editor of numerous books and articles in English and Arabic. His books and articles in English literature and cultural studies were published by renowned publishers: Macmillan, Palgrave, St. Martin's Press, New York University Press, Barnes and Noble, University of Maine at Orono, Modern Humanities Research Association [London], New Dictionary of National Biography [Clarendon Press: Oxford], University of Illinois Press, University of Colorado Press [Boulder], and Brill.
He also supervised and introduced many volumes translated from English into Arabic published by the Supreme Council of Culture in Cairo.
Prof. Shaheen is the recipient of many regional and international awards, including the Order of Independence (Wisam al-Istiqlal) in 2002, the State Award for Literary Studies and Translation by the Ministry of Culture in Jordan in 2011, Medal of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage in Qatar in 2005, the Medal of Sheikh Zayed Award Jury for Translation in 2007.
Shaheen also acted as a referee of literary prizes and awards granted by the Supreme Council of Culture in Cairo, and Uwais in Dubai.
At the moment, he teaches graduate courses to MA and PhD students, and supervises theses and dissertations prepared by graduate students.​