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Prof. Ali H. Nayfeh
Recipient of the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering 
Distinguished Professor Ali Hasan Nayfeh, who joined the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at The University of Jordan in 2013, is the Recipient of the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering.
The Franklin Institute Awards recognize the fields of chemistry, computer and cognitive sciences, earth and environmental science, engineering, life science and physics through the Benjamin Franklin Medals. The Awards are among the oldest and most prestigious science awards in the world, with winners recognized for their formidable and ground-breaking contributions to science.
The list of The Franklin Institute Awards Laureates includes men and women who have deepened human knowledge at both the basic and the applied levels, and includes Albert Einstein, Rudolph Diesel, Marie and Pierre Curie, Thomas Edison, Jane Goodall, Orville Wright, Stephen Hawking, and Jacques Cousteau, just to name a few.
The Institute cited Prof. Nayfeh “for the development of novel methods to model complex engineering systems in structural dynamics, acoustics, fluid mechanics and electromechanical systems.”
Prof. Nayfeh earned his BS in engineering science (1962), MS (1963) and PhD (1964) in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford University all in four and a half years. He has made seminal contributions to several branches of science and engineering, including solid and fluid mechanics, acoustics, nonlinear dynamics, linear and nonlinear control of engineering systems, aerospace engineering, power systems, power electronics, ship dynamics and stability, sway control of military and commercial cranes, atomic force microscopes, and micro-electromechanical systems.
Prof. Nayfeh is the author of several books and hundreds of research papers, and has supervised over 60 doctoral dissertations.
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