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The most famous lecture halls that held academic and educational lectures is the Samir Al-Refae Hall which lies behind the clock tower that held on its stage remarkable figures since the founding of the university, and the Hasan Bin Talal Hall inside the deanship of student affairs, which holds sophisticated events and accommodates a large number of people, as well as the large stadium in the business faculty, and Ali Badeer Hall in the University’s administration and Ibn Seena Hall in the nursing faculty.


There are three instruction complexes at the university equipped with teaching halls and science laboratories, like the Humanities Halls Complex, Science Halls Complex, and the Medical Halls Complex.


Dear student, the university provides you with academic services and advanced equipment in order to create an atmosphere conducive to academic study and the acquirement of knowledge.



Please Click Here Lab is located near the faculty of Business, it is distinguished by its large space and capacity, it has about 400 modern computers.

The students can do their home works and research, print useful papers and search via Internet.

In addition, most computerized exams for  optional or obligatory courses are held at lab.


El Hassan bin Talal Auditorium is distinguished by its large space and capacity which it has 1200 seats , wired and wireless voice system, light Mixer, air conditioner in summer and winter and there is a movable section that can be raised and lowered electrically. The Auditorium hosts various events and activities from outside and inside the university such as conferences, seminars, various celebrations, plays, scientific lectures and the meetings between the president and students.


It is the place where you can invest your energy and your creativity in your free time to exercise sport, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, badminton, running, aerobics and more.


You can do your home works and research, print useful papers and search via Internet by using username and password for every student through the computer labs distributed throughout the University.