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·         Held a session for journalistic writing.

·         Held a session for drawing cartoons, and organized cartoon exhibition in collaboration with the Association of Jordanian Cartoonists.

·          Jordan University students’ team won first place for the second time in the TV program (Race to Knowledge) which was attended by (32) universities and colleges.

·         The Jordan University’s victory in the Mohammed VI International Competition for memorizing the whole Quran and its interpretation, organized by the Kingdom of Morocco.

·         Organizing a comprehensive book exhibition in collaboration with the Publishers Association and the participation of (25) publishing houses and choosing Professor Nasir Al-Din Al-Assad as the figure for the exhibition.

·         Establishing a literary cultural week in cooperation with the Jordanian Writers Association which included an exhibition of the association’s publications and poetry evenings with the active participation of university students.

·         Participation in the youth’s meeting entitled “Innovation and Adaptation in Information Technology and the Internet” organized by the Higher Council for Youth in Petra.

·         Held several evenings of poetry and fiction readings for university students.

·         The establishment of the weekly cultural café for the first time in the year.

·         Participation in the Dignity competition (poetry) and the victory of the university students in the competition.

·         Participation in the organization and implementation of cultural and literary programs in national events.

·         Participation in the Cultural and Artistic Festival for Jordanian Universities, which was held in the city of Aqaba.

·         Launch a series of poetry readings the top poets in dedication to poetry lovers from the teachers, administrators, and students at the university.

·         Launch a Nasir Al-Deen Al-Assad Prize for Literature, in the poetry field and invite students from public and private universities to participate in this award.

·         Organizing visits for university students to a number of museums and literary symbols of Jordan (House of Arar).

·         Establishment of a competition the first of its kind in poetic recitation and prose presentation for students of the university.

·         Host a delegation of students from the University of Tafila within a program of cultural exchange between Jordanian public and private universities.

·         Start the cognitive competition season for the Ladder of Knowledge and Savvy Contest (Colleges League).

·         Visit Al-Rai, Ad-Dastour, and the Arabs of Today and Tomorrow newspapers.

·         Visit the Jordan News Agency

·         Two visits to Raghadan Palace and the Royal Automobile Gallery.

·         Visit the Jordan Media Center

·         The organization of a lecture urging college students to participate in the parliamentary elections for the House of Representatives XVI to their Excellency Dr Faisal Al-Rafoa’ and Dr. Ghazi Rabab’a

·         The organization of another lecture urging university students to participate in the parliamentary elections for the House of Representatives XVI which was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Al-Masalha, Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at the University.

·         Writing phrases urging university students to participate in the parliamentary elections for the House of Representatives XVI on 15 posters which was then distributed in various parts of the university.

·         Organizing a lecture entitled “Breeze of Faith and Humanity” on the occasion of the nation’s leader birthday.

·         The victory of the University students in the cultural and artistic union competition for Jordanian universities.

·         The students who won were; Fadi Atallah Abu Sbeitan third place in the short story competition, Hiba Mohammed Al- Zaghayr  second place in the competition of investigative journalism, Anas Al-Asmar  third place in the Thought competition, and the students Ali Mawassi first place and Banan Sobeihi in the article writing competition.

·         Participation in the Holy Quran Memorization Contest at the level of Jordanian universities public and private, which was organized by the Hashemite University. The University of Jordan students won first place in the memorizing the whole Quran level, memorizing twenty parts level, ten parts level, and the five parts level.

·         Participation in various contests consisting of; Arabic calligraphy, graphics, and drawing, the University students won first place in story and speech.

·         Participation in the Festival of Poetic Creativity for students of Jordanian universities, public and private, organized by the University of Science and Technology, and the victory of the Jordan University in the first place.

·         Participation in the literary forum for Arab universities which was organized by the Arab Emirates University with the participation of 38 different Arab universities. The University won first place in poetry and second place in short story.

·         Participation in the twelfth Cultural Season for the Yarmouk University on the level of public and private Jordanian university students. And the victory of the students in the first rank in Quran memorization, poetry, short story, painting, calligraphy, and the art of caricature.

·         Participation in the Competition of Creativity and Poetry Recitation on the occasion of Independence Day organized by the Hashemite University, and the victory of the University of Jordan in the first and second place.

·         Participation in the third Cultural and Artistic Competition at the Zarqa Private University for Jordanian universities, and the victory of Jordan University in first place for memorization of the whole Quran.

·         Participation in the competition of university newspapers at the Hashemite University, and the Student Voice newspaper claimed all of the awards that were presented to the Jordanian universities at the year 2008-2009, and the general supervisor for the gazette was Mr. Sami Al-Atailat.

·         Organization and the establishment of a lecture on the role of our armed forces in the maintenance of world peace which was delivered by General Kamal Malkawi of the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

·         Organize and set up a lecture on forests in Jordan and ways of preserving them by Dr. Mohammed Al Omari.

·         Organized a visit to Raghdan Al-Amer Palace with more than 25 students males and females.

·         Send a delegation of students from the university composed of 25 students to attend a seminar initiative to reduce community and university violence in the year 2011.

·         The establishment of a seminar about the importance of universities in the deployment of security awareness for students of Jordanian universities on 28/2/2011.

·         Participation of a delegation representing 14 students in the harmony between religions conference, which was organized by the Hashemite University, and the submission of a working paper written by Ahmad Assriya from the Faculty of Sharia which won the best paper award of the conference.


·         Arab Music Band (UJ's Choir)

·         “El Takht El Sharqi" Band

·         Classical Music Band

·         Youth Band (guitars)

·         Musical School for Teaching Various Musical Instruments & Singing