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·       German Jordanian University


·    Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


·        Northern Amman Court


·     Princess Sumaya University for Technology

·       National Center for Human Resources Development


·         Royal Scientific Society

·        El Hassan Science City

·        Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre






Main Gate








·         McDonalds

·         Burger King

·         Turkish Restaurant

·         KFC

·         Chile House   





·         Donut Factory

·         Donut Star

·         Albal Restaurant

·         Doors Cafe






North Gate







·         Seveen

·         Mandi & Biryani

·         MALAK al TAWOUK

·         Chili House

·         Qasr Al Mandi

·         Lezzet  ISTANBUL

·         Hadramout Restaurant

·         Hommosani Restaurant

·         Ghazal Restaurant

·         Domino's Pizza

·         Donut Factory


·         Al Medwakh



·      Majdi Mall/ Queen Rania Street University St


·        University Mall/ Beside The North Gate



·         ATLAS GLOBAL CENTER for Studies & Research/ Beside The North Gate/UJ's Investment Building


        University Library/ Main Gate

     AL Shrooq Library/ Main Gate

        Wa'el  Library/ North Gate

     Tariq Library/ North Gate

        AL Aostah Library/ North Gate

      AL Noor Library/ North Gate


There is a regular shuttle bus service that links the University campus with many areas in Amman as well as with a number of neighboring townships.

These non-stop buses facilitate access to the University at minimum loss of time.



     Photography studios

     Flower Shops

·         Abu Sharkh / Queen Rania Street/ University St


·         Studio Jubaiha / Main Gate

·         Cyrine Flowers / North Gate

·         Bissan/ North Gate


·         Studio Jubaiha / North Gate

·         Janet Raynah / Main Gate