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Campus Life

Key places


-          Seminar hall: equipped with visual and hearing linking devices to connect it with the University of Jordan and any university in the world

-          Places for prayer

-          National banking bank

-          Jordan Post Office

-          Halls dedicated to the students' sports, artistic and social activities, which include


·         Theatres and Activity Halls

The university has provided a drawing hall equipped with studio equipment.


·         Hall of Musical Arts

 The University has provided a music hall, with the support of the authority of Aqaba Special Economic Zone and is based on training students in technical staff from the local community.


·         Restaurant / Cafeteria

The university has provided a restaurant which can accommodate (600) people at a time and provide them with subsidized meals, as well as hot and cold drinks.


·         Halls and Playgrounds for Sports and Recreation


    i.Within campus: Hall available for sports activities and a hall for playing chess.

  ii.Outside campus: the university has agreed with a number of institutions to use their playgrounds until the creation of private university court.

 iii.25 Teaching halls and 5 computer labs.


·         Library


1)   There is a public library and so far more than 5000 books have been put there, and was provided with a large number of books and references for all faculties with the collaboration of UJ's library; the university has worked on purchasing modern books issued in 2009/2010.

2)   The library has been electronically linked with the University of Jordan so that students can access what is available in the library of the University, from databases, research tools, references, periodicals and reports.


·         The Big Stadium


prepared and equipped with visual and audio linking devices so that connection with the Mother University of Jordan can be made on any occasion requiring connectivity; the stadium can fit up to (180) people.


·         Marine Science Station and Faculty of Marine Sciences Labs


The Marine Science Station is considered a leading research and scientific center on the Gulf of Aqaba; the marine life gallery is considered a magnet for tourists at the national, regional and international level; the laboratories and facilities of the marine science station on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba are considered the primary tributary for practical and research laboratories and field application for the marine science college students. Work was done to prepare teaching labs in the Marine Science Station to receive students, in addition to classrooms, a cafeteria and a library. Also, work was done on the rehabilitation of all station facilities, including the Gallery of Marine Life and laboratories of scientific research. Updates to all scientific research laboratories were made at the station to serve the members of the faculty of the University and researchers in the Marine Science Station and the students of the Faculty of Marine Science and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality.


·         Department of Diving and Marine Training


Students are trained to diva and swim, and use boats that are available to enable them to acquire the technical skills necessary for them in their lives after graduation.


Campus Life